To Whom It May Releases “The Great Filter”

To Whom It May

Interview by Danny Coleman “We’re all from Galveston; our drummer Dexas Villarreal and I have known each other since before high school and we’ve played together in projects while growing up and then we were in a project for a few years before this band and when that broke up we decided to start working on the three piece idea,” says guitarist/vocalist Jonathan ... Read More »

“God Save The Queen” an Ode to Freddie Mercury by Kevin Michael Giordano

Kevin Michael Giordano

Interview by Danny Coleman “I was like anybody else, I originally just liked their hits and the stuff that you heard on the radio but I think I got into them more later on in life as I started to appreciate their talent. What always amazed me was their ability to perform live as well as they did and the ... Read More »

Dream Feed Releases Self-Titled Debut

dream feed

Interview by Danny Coleman Dream Feed is a four piece, “Indie/Alternative rock band” from the state of Colorado led by guitarist/vocalist Miguel Dakota whose star began rising when he was a 2014 season nine finalist on “America’s Got Talent” where he sang “American Woman” alongside of Lenny Kravitz.   After a debut disc in 2015 and a couple of national tours under his belt, Dakota decided to go in a ... Read More »

Phoebe Legere Helps Recreate the Sounds of David Bowie in “A Night Of Stardust”

phoebe legere

There are performers, there are entertainers, artists, composers, producers, models and multi-instrumentalists. There is flamboyant, sexy, gutsy, glamorous and confident and then there is the incomparable Phoebe Legere who encompasses all of the aforementioned qualities in abundance and more.  This Acadian-Abenaki “Performance artist” who went to Vassar College and was trained at The Julliard School has graced stages all around the globe including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, has been in multiple ... Read More »

L Paul Mann Interviews Danny Wagner of Greta Van Fleet

greta van fleet

Interview by L Paul Mann The young Michigan rock band Greta Van Fleet has been making a splash in the music world over the last few years after extensive festival appearances across the nation and around the world. But the band is on the verge of becoming a household name bolstered by their new album “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army” ... Read More »

Sabrina Fallah Releases “Kiss Is a Killer”

sabrina Fallah

Interview by Danny Coleman Sabrina Fallah is an indie recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario Canada who has worked with producers such as Stuart (“Boogie with Stu”) Epps, Chris Birkett and Kent Wells who has recently she released her next round of music, an EP titled, “Kiss Is a Killer.”  A neat little five song collection of diversity wrapped in a power pop package of rock infused melodies linked together by ... Read More »