Ukraine war: Hackers allegedly tricked Russian soldiers with photos of women

The Ukraine war is being waged not only in the cities of Donbass or Luhansk region, but also on the Internet. Fighters who reveal too much information online risk revealing hiding places or endangering military bases.

Exactly what is supposed to happen happened to Russian soldiers last month, reports the »Financial Times«

. According to their article, which is based on testimonies from Ukrainian hackers, the soldiers fell for fake profiles of attractive women on social media.

According to the report, the Ukrainian hacking group “Hackyourmom” had identified a remote Russian base near Melitopol in southern Ukraine. Then she is said to have contacted Russian soldiers with fake profiles created on Facebook and other social media – and in the course of this motivated them to send their own photos.

»The Russians always want to fuck«, the newspaper quotes the head of the hacker group, Nikita Knysh: »They send the ‘girls’ a lot of shit to prove that they are warriors.«

Using the photos of The hacker group was then able to precisely locate the Russian base by soldiers, the article goes on to say. She then passed the data on to the Ukrainian military. A few days later, Kiev’s troops finally destroyed the base with artillery attacks.

There have been similar cases

It is unclear which military base it was exactly. The portal »Ukrainska Pravda«

However, according to Ukrainian forces, in late August they actually destroyed a large Russian base in Melitopol. The Ukrainian authorities did not comment on how hackers played a role in this attack. In its reporting, the »Financial Times« refers to photos, location information and statements by the group surrounding Nikita Knysh.

In everyday wartime, photos from social networks are just one of many ways to identify military bases or locations of military equipment. However, the importance of images from the Internet should not be underestimated. In the past, for example, a vacationer in Crimea is said to have revealed the location of a Russian air defense system with a photo.

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