Uber: Hacker penetrates the systems of the driving service

The »New York Times« reported on the incident , a hacker had penetrated Uber’s network, whereupon the company has taken several of its internal systems offline. Among other things, the Slack communication platform used by Uber was affected. Using an account that was taken over, the hacker is said to have sent a message to Uber employees: “I announce that I am a hacker and that Uber has suffered a data breach.” Elsewhere in Uber’s systems, the attacker is said to have later posted a pornographic photo

Sam Curry is the IT Security Officer for Yuga Labs, the company behind of the NFT series »Bored Ape Yacht Club«. Curry said he was in contact with the intruder and was presented with evidence that he was gaining access to critical systems of the ride-hailing service. “It looks like a lot of things have been compromised,” Curry said. It is also about full access to the cloud environments hosted by Amazon and Google, in which Uber stores its source code and customer data.

Passed out as an employee of the company IT

Meanwhile, the hacker told the »New York Times« more about his actions. He said he sent a text message to an Uber employee posing as a company IT employee. In this way, he managed to sneak a password out of the company. He himself is 18 years old, the hacker claims.

For Uber’s vehicle fleet, in the many cities worldwide is on the way, the hack apparently had no consequences at first. On Thursday, this part of Uber’s operations continued without restrictions.

Uber might get away with a scare too. Sam Curry said he had no indication the hacker had done any damage or that he was interested in anything other than publicity. His gut told him the intruder was more concerned with “getting as much attention as possible,” according to Curry. Possibly “a child” is having the “time of his life”.

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