Tinder: 10 things few know about the dating app

Dating App Anniversary Ten things few know about Tinder

Wiping to your dream partner – or to your next affair: Tinder has revolutionized online dating. The app, launched ten years ago, can now be used to find pets and solve criminal cases.

Dating-App Tinder: Diesen Montag vor zehn Jahren ist das Angebot gestartet

Dating app Tinder: The offer started this Monday ten years ago

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1. Monday evening at 20 Clock is Tinder Primetime

At the 13. September 2012 Tinder started in the USA – and for years the introductory Software also one of the most popular apps in Germany. The Swabians are particularly warm in this country: As Tinder’s European boss Lennart Schirmer explained to SPIEGEL

, the users from Stuttgart distribute the most likes on average in a Germany-wide comparison. And the capital of Baden-Württemberg leads another ranking together with Leipzig: In these two cities, users most frequently video chat with each other. Incidentally, according to Schirmer, the most popular time in Germany to use Tinder is Monday evening at 18 Watch. “I don’t know why,” he says in an interview with SPIEGEL. “At least I’m not drunk at this time.”

2. You can also get to know dogs via Tinder

From a lonely influencer to a politician in campaign mode, you can meet all sorts of people on Tinder. And in between, an animal might even look at you. In any case, the Munich animal shelter tried last year 14 Match dogs, cats and other pets using profiles on the dating app. This action brought a lot of attention to the shelter. Ultimately, however, only one pair of cats found a new owner this way, the animal shelter informed SPIEGEL.

3. Tinder belongs to the same group as OkCupid

If you want to search for partners via app, you now have the choice between countless providers. It is not uncommon for you to end up on a platform that belongs to the Match Group. The US company operates Tinder, but also two services that are often perceived as Tinder competitors: OkCupid and Hinge. The Match Group states that in the USA 59 Percent of the relationships that came about through online services initiated via one of their offers. 2022 Match Group made $3.2 billion in sales


4. Tinder offers free background checks in the US

Does my flirt partner have a criminal record? In the USA, Tinder users can use the app to request a background check from other users twice free of charge, and the service only costs money from the third time. The Match Group makes the offer possible in cooperation with the online service Garbo. Garbo searches US judicial databases for possible arrests or convictions for sexual or violent crimes. Of course, the function does not offer complete protection, precisely because many sex crimes are not reported. The background check service is not available in Europe.

5. Only those who pay may like endlessly

Tinder now has three premium versions: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platin. Tinder Plus currently costs 13,49 Euro for one month, Tinder Platin twice as much. Monthly subscriptions have made the app’s once super simple concept – swipe or like – much more convoluted. Anyone who pays for the platinum package, for example, gets features such as “priority likes” and “super likes” with messages and the option to withdraw likes. However, all premium subscriptions offer the option of assigning an unlimited number of likes. A standard user, on the other hand, can only distribute around a hundred likes a day.

    6. You can search specifically for gamers or politically committed people

    You can’t find potential matches on Tinder based on age or sexual orientation alone. All users of the app can indicate up to five interests, ranging from board or video games to vegan cooking and bar hopping to topics such as feminism and environmental protection. Using predefined filters, users can then, for example, only swipe through men who love animals or female gaming enthusiasts.

    7. There isn’t just one Tinder swindler

    Shimon Hayut is a scammer who used Tinder to meet his victims. He is now world-famous, through numerous media reports, but above all through the Netflix documentary “The Tinder Swindler” . Regardless of Hayut, anyone who flirts on Tinder should be aware of the danger that flirt partners are not interested in you at all, but only in your own money. A scam that hits Tinder just like other platforms are so-called trading scams. Criminals create fake profiles and gain the trust of their chat partners in order to lure them into alleged stock or crypto investments. So many people around the world have already lost their money. And there are also victims of the scam in Germany, read more about it here


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      So entgehen Sie dem »Tinder-Trading-Scam«

      8th. You can tinder yourself on TV )

      With a swipe in a villa full of flirt? 2022 searched for the well-known TV show »Love Island« in Great Britain and Australia directly via Tinder by candidate. Anyone who saw the ad and wanted to try their luck in love on the dating show could signal their interest by swiping to the right. This was used to send his Tinder profile to the casting agency responsible for the show. ITV Studios, the production company of the German edition of “Love Island”, says that this application method has not yet been used in Germany.

9. The app includes an interactive crime game

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