»The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power«: That's why the Amazon series has no user ratings yet

An explanation as to why the series has garnered so many viewers but no public ratings so far is provided by »Variety« . According to the US magazine, there is a fundamental decision by Amazon that was implemented in mid-August. Since then, the group has been publishing reviews for Prime Video with a deliberate delay of 71 hours.

His employees should have more time to check the submitted ratings for authenticity. Amazon confirmed that new approach to the magazine. So, in theory, the first user reviews should be readable on Amazon this Monday (however, this was not the case when this article was published).

According to “Variety” and other US media, Amazon wants to use the comparatively long review period to filter out comments from bots, but also supposedly funny troll postings and comments that go into the category »Review Bombing« fall . This term describes the phenomenon that thousands of users in sometimes more, sometimes less clearly concerted actions rate a film or a video game as badly as possible because they are dissatisfied with certain decisions made by its makers.

In the case of The Rings of Power, there are Netizens clamoring for the fact that the cast is more diverse than the Lord of the Rings movies that came out in the early 2000s and that, for example, a dwarf woman does not wear a beard.

Certainly also a business decision

You come across Metacritic.com , where many user reviews have already appeared currently on such zero-point ratings: »This series is complete »Woke« garbage. It was only made to indoctrinate people into the communist system that the media and entertainment industry want the country to be.« This is the full text of the review.

On Metacritic.com »The Rings of Power« currently has a »User Score « from 2.4 out of a maximum of ten points. An overall rating based on recorded 37 professional reviews meanwhile, the series speaks 71 of maximum 72 Points – which is not a very good value considering the production budget. At IMDB the new release scores 6.6 out of 10 Score only mediocre – after all, this value is displayed on the product page. There, a third of the users gave the highest possible rating, and almost a quarter the lowest.

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