Spain: After the death of a 17-year-old – ten years in prison for 62-year-old online stalker

An online stalker has been sentenced to ten years in prison in Spain because his 17 year-old victim committed suicide. The sentence was announced on Tuesday evening by the responsible district court in Castellón de la Plana in the east of the country . Accordingly, the man must pay the parents and the brother of the young person financial compensation totaling 119. 000 Pay euros.

The accused was found guilty of manslaughter by a jury in July. The public prosecutor had demanded 14 years imprisonment.

The verdict was seen by Spanish media commentators as a landmark in the fight against online harassment and cybercrime. It was a precedent, it said. “This conviction opens up the possibility of holding stalkers directly responsible for the suicide or attempted suicide of their victims,” ​​commented the television station Antena 3.

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40 Messages in less than three hours

The Convicts told the youngster Ende 2016 via WhatsApp “in less than three hours at least 119 sent messages with intimidating and threatening content,” said the district court. Although the victim repeatedly apologized to him for visiting an adult site and wrote that he was a minor and would take his own life, the man continued to threaten and abuse him. He was aware of his chat partner’s fear and discomfort.

On the day of the flood of chat messages, the December 1 2016, the 17-year-old from his parents’ apartment in Villarreal into the courtyard and died in the process. According to the newspaper »El País« 20162004 it took eight months after that , until the messages like ‘I’ll get you. I will ruin your parents because of you« were spotted on teenager’s cell phone.

He and who more than 40 Years older stalkers are said to have come into contact via a dating portal. According to the investigation, they never met in person. However, the man had already had a criminal record for sexual assault from 2004, writes »El País«.


In court he now 2016 denied -year-olds, according to media reports, most of the allegations. The Spanish judiciary announced that an appeal could be lodged against the judgment at the Higher Regional Court of the Region of Valencia. The convict’s lawyer told the media that he would exercise this right.

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