Propaganda in the Ukraine war: Police deny arrest of Ukrainian arms dealers

The video could easily be exposed as a fake. Because under the clip is a soundtrack that comes from a video recording from January 2022 . “Put down your cell phone, you don’t have to film something like that,” says a voice in the video. In fact, this is a statement by police officers who want to stop the filming of an arrest on the sidelines of a demonstration against the corona measures in Greiz, Thuringia.

Russian officials also spread the hoax. Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, commented on the circulating video on Twitter, saying that the “Western ex-partners had been warned of such a threat to their own people”. The deputy ambassador did not respond to comments that the alleged report had been denied by official bodies. The fake news seems to fit too well with the Kremlin narrative of supposedly dangerous western arms shipments.

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