Mysterious cartoon: Mystery of cartoon elf solved after six years

Cartoon character puzzle Do you know this mysterious elf?

For years, an old family photo has been haunting social media that contains a clip from an old cartoon. For a long time it was puzzled where the recording came from – until now.

An elf who raised questions: Where exactly was he seen in the 90’s?

Photo: Youtube / Joshua Rastia

One of the greatest mysteries in recent Internet history has its origins in the pre-Christmas period 1991 or 1992, you don’t know for sure. In the Canadian province of Ontario, the story goes

, Emily Charette was sitting with her two siblings in the parental home Living room, the TV is on in the background. At that moment, her father presses the shutter button and takes a photo, not realizing that it will occupy thousands of people from all over the world decades later. An animated character can be seen on the TV in the background of the shot, apparently some kind of elf.

In the year 2016 Emily Charette falls into the photo again and she wonders what for a series or what kind of film is on it. She asks her work colleagues, but nobody knows. A colleague shares a section of the photo on Facebook and more and more people join the search. A comic artist creates a tumblr post , on which all clues are collected from now on.

The film podcaster Will Sloan also plunges into the search for the solution. His girlfriend is an acquaintance of Emily Charette. But nobody, not even Sloan, finds an answer. Could it be an excerpt from »The Smurfs«? Probably not.

The internet knows everything, doesn’t it?

Sloan searches and ponders, 2016 then he asks his Twitter followers for advice. But above all the US series »The Littles« is suggested to him. But it can’t be that, Sloan realizes, after all, The Littles characters had five fingers and not four like the elf in the photo. Although at this point already over 4000 people have liked or commented on the Tumblr post, the search seems hopeless.

Because he still seems to be stuck with it, Will Sloan starts a few days ago, on September 3rd 2022, try again, again via Twitter.

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This time, a YouTuber named blameitonjorge with around 1.5 million followers takes up the mystery and publishes a short video about it. And then, after more than six years, a Twitter user actually posts four other pictures of the same elf with the caption “I think I know what you’re looking for.”

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The user remembered a videotape they used to enjoy watching with a childhood friend. His friend, Joshua Rastia, still has the cassette and soon uploads the complete film to YouTube

. Its title: »The Soulmates: Gift of Light.«

Now it’s much easier to learn more about the cartoon. It was therefore first broadcast in

, but it also ran in the following years . In terms of content, it revolves around two aliens who come to earth to save Christmas. The elf in the photo is Santa’s helper.

A Christmas Special from Canadian TV

Meanwhile, even the writer and producer of the cartoon has caught wind of the fuss to get her work and spoke up in several comments on YouTube. She states that the episode was produced as a one-off Christmas special, then aired on Canadian broadcaster CBC for five years, and eventually marketed on videocassette.

Want Sloan can’t believe the years of searching are finally over and tweeted on Monday

: »We found out. We figured out where the animated elf came from. Dear God, I can’t believe it.« Also in an article for »The New Yorker«

he draws a conclusion of his arduous quest for the origin of the elf.

»The elf seemed to betray the utopian promise that the web was the answer to knows literally every question,” Sloan writes in his article. “And at least I wanted to stop thinking about him.”

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