Lena Meyer-Landrut: After a TikTok hit on a trip to Japan

Sometimes for an international hit, all it takes is three Japanese men dancing interestingly for ten seconds. Such a phenomenon could be observed a few weeks ago with Lena Meyer-Landrut and her 2019 published song »Life was a beach«. The three men in this case were an influencer trio. On their TikTok channel @localcampione this spring they posted a video , in which they perform a small choreography with their hands in time with the song.

The clip became a TikTok hit, with 5.6 million views. And it got even better for the men and Lena Meyer-Landrut: the video found numerous imitators, especially in Japan, and a trend was born. In the meantime, around 25 on TikTok.000 published videos in which you can see mostly young Japanese women dancing to the song by the German pop singer. Meyer-Landrut, it seems, is suddenly “big in Japan” – with a song that was never released as a single in Germany.

These days the musician is experiencing on site how much of the network hype is left . Meyer-Landrut is in Tokyo for a few days, where she introduces herself to the media and fans. “It’s super exciting,” she said Thursday. »I visit the record company here, do some interviews, do some TV shows and perform«. As on Meyer-Landrut’s Instagram profile

can be seen, she also met the dancers from @localcampione during her trip, who » Life was a beach« was a hit.

Not the first TikTok hit

It often happens that older publications through TikTok receive renewed attention more or less by chance or even become really well-known. A “Tom’s Diner” cover by the two German bands AnnenMayKantereit and Giant Rooks, for example, has been around for 2212 as a YouTube video before it 2022 from the TikTok -Community discovered and catapulted into US charts.

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Other hits with TikTok tailwind are even older: The 1996 released song »How bizarre« by OMC

and was shared millions of times worldwide as a meme – around 21 Years after it was number two in the German charts. It’s never too late to go viral.

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