Hate speech: Luisa Neubauer has Akif Pirinçci's account seized

After Pirinçci apparently did not want to pay the money voluntarily, Luisa Neubauer’s lawyers decided to obtain the amount by garnishing an account. “Mr. Pirinçci may have thought that foreclosure would be too much trouble for us, but we are persistent,” explained lawyer Severin Riemenschneider from Media Kanzlei, who represented Neubauer in court.

»Mr. Pirinçci did not issue a cease and desist declaration, was unreasonable and also made fun of the proceedings in the pleadings,« said Riemenschneider. The seized amount included the procedural costs and 6 000 euros, which the court had determined as compensation in its judgment . This sum would go directly to the affected organization Hate Aid to support their work, so Riemenschneider.

“This case shows that it is quite possible to defend oneself against sexism, misogyny and other forms of hate speech online,” Luisa Neubauer told SPIEGEL in December about the verdict against Pirinçci. »Sometimes the hatred is so intense that it leaves you speechless. But I definitely won’t keep quiet,” said Neubauer.

“All that’s left is to send the bailiff out”

In the current case, Neubauer was supported by Hate Aid in court. The organization has already supported Neubauer in more than 50 criminal complaints and helps numerous victims of hate speech, both through advice and with court proceedings.

»We are very pleased that the court has recognized that it is a serious sexualized insult,« says Hate Aid lawyer Josephine Ballon. The compensation payment in the current case is relatively high. Under the hashtag »HassKostet« releases Hate Aid on Twitter regularly reports how high such payments are in their own processes.

According to Josephine Ballon, it is not unusual for convicts in hate speech proceedings not to pay voluntarily. »If the account details are not known, all that remains is to send the bailiff and then the convicts like to think they are poor and simply don’t pay«, says Ballon. Those affected bear the risk. This was not necessary in the current case, since the law firm apparently knew Pirinçci’s account details.

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