»GTA 6«: Suspected hacker publishes action game videos

Action game fuss Suspected hacker publishes dozens of videos about »GTA VI «

Officially, little is known about »GTA VI«. At the weekend, however, numerous gameplay scenes for the game appeared on the Internet. Possibly behind the leak is a hacker who recently duped Uber.

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Millions of video gamers have been looking forward to the next part of the “Grand Theft Auto” series for years. »GTA V«, the current part of the series, has been available for 2013 on the market. Since then, the action spectacle and its online mode »GTA Online« have been re-released and expanded several times. However, a real successor is only expected in the coming years. The manufacturer Rockstar Games has so far communicated little more about “GTA VI” than that it is being worked on


The little reliable information that was already circulating about the game came from Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist who is well connected in the games industry. He revealed in late July

that the next “GTA” will be set in Vice City, a fictional Miami, and that for the first time in the history of the series there will also be a female protagonist as part of a “Bonnie and Clyde” -like duos.

Fans starve for material

Over the weekend, screenshots and gameplay videos were suddenly making the rounds in game forums, but also on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter

, which apparently show an early version »GTA VI«. Dozens of short sequences showed, for example, how someone as a woman named Lucia raids a diner or how two characters talk by a pool.

The material looks does not look like a finished game, sometimes developer tools overlay the image. But due to their mass and details such as professional soundtracks, the recordings make more of an impression than the fake material that trolls or “GTA” fans usually use to vie for a few clicks and attention. Many gamers were also rather positive about the content of the leak on Sunday. The clips seemed to increase rather than detract from her anticipation of the game.

»A Nightmare for Rockstar Games«

Jason Schreier wrote on Sunday on Twitter

, his sources at Rockstar Games have confirmed to him that the footage is genuine. The recordings show an early and unfinished version of the game. The leak is “one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games,” Schreier wrote. He also speculated that the leak could keep Rockstar Games developers from working for a while. Likewise, the incident could prompt management to limit employees’ flexibility to work from home.


It seems clear that Rockstar Games’ trouble isn’t over yet: The forum user who posted the video material online claims that he’s captured even more data, including the source codes of » GTA V« and »GTA VI«. It remains to be seen whether this data, the mod developers, but also cheaters should really be of interest to cheaters. According to his own information, the user is ready to negotiate with Rockstar Games



When and how exactly Rockstar Games lost control of its data , is still unclear. Take-Two, the manufacturer’s parent company, has not yet commented on the “GTA VI” leak. However, some videos with material from the data package have now disappeared from YouTube – apparently because Take-Two had pushed for it


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