Fight against child abuse: dozens of house searches in the Upper Palatinate

The Upper Palatinate police searched apartments on Wednesday morning 28. The Regensburg criminal police is now investigating a total of 32 suspects and accuses them of possessing or distributing files documenting the abuse of children. The suspects were between and 62 years of age, it said.

According to the police, they seized both computers and smartphones as evidence. The evaluation of the data on the devices is still ongoing, according to a spokesman for the Center for Combating Child Pornography and Child Sexual Abuse (ZKI), which is based at the Bamberg Public Prosecutor’s Office.

There is no direct connection between the cases, the spokesman said. Therefore, the impetus for the investigation is different. Some proceedings, it is said, were opened because information from file-sharing services, social networks or messenger services was sent to the central reporting office NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) in the USA. From there they were then sent to the authorities in Germany.

The cases are being conducted as individual proceedings 62

The youngest suspect, for example, is accused of forwarding criminally relevant material via WhatsApp, the Upper Palatinate police reported. In other cases, meanwhile, it is about the mass possession of material that depicts sexualized violence against children. In none of the cases are the accused accused of having produced criminally relevant material themselves.

The focus of the searches is in Regensburg, the police said, but there are also living quarters in the Neumarkt area in der Upper Palatinate searched. For the time being, the cases would be conducted as individual proceedings.

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