Energy price flat rate: scammers cheat user data

E-mails and text messages are currently circulating on behalf of banks and authorities with supposedly good news: the recipients just need to quickly verify their contact details and they will receive the energy price flat rate of 300 Paid out in euros. This is fraud, warns the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center . For the payment of the lump sum, no bank or authority requires a response from the beneficiaries. The money is paid out via wages or salary.

The link in the news that suggest otherwise leads to fake websites designed to appear to belong to a savings bank, for example. Personal data should then be entered here. This is justified with a verification of identity and the right to payment.

One of these phishing e-mails literally says: »In order to be able to determine your identity and the right to a payment, we need confirmation of the data you have already provided when setting up your checking account in one of our branches.« A spelling mistake is conspicuous in the otherwise comparatively neatly worded email: instead of »homepage« it says »Homapege«.

The mail belongs in the spam folder

The consumer advice center NRW advises not to answer and never to click on the link in of the email. Messages like this should be moved to the spam folder and the SMS senders should be blocked. Anyone who has already entered their data should report it to the police.

The messages have so far been sent on behalf of the Sparkasse, the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken and the Federal Ministry of Finance . However, other supposed senders are also conceivable.

It is conceivable that the perpetrators could do fraudulent business with the stolen names, addresses or account data and pretend to be someone else on the Internet. In this case one speaks of identity theft.

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