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20 Images Games, Streamers, Spider Selfies: The Gamescom 2022 in Pictures

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Welcome to the gaming paradise: Europe’s largest gaming fair, Gamescom, has been running in Cologne since Wednesday. After the fair 2019 and 2021 because of the corona pandemic had taken place exclusively online, tens of thousands of visitors are now coming every day. Our on-site analysis can be found here.

(Note for arachnophobics: A photo showing a spider statue is at the very end of this series of photos, as the last photo)


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On the way with a long Tongue and jetpack: The »Goat Simulator 3″, in which you cause chaos and destruction as a goat, is one of the more bizarre Gamescom innovations – not only because a second part of the game has never appeared. Queues formed at the manufacturer’s stand early on on the first day of the fair.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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The fact that game fans rush to titles like »Goat Simulator 3« is also due to the fact that hardly any new blockbusters are shown at the fair. Some big companies like Sony, Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard are not there this time. And Bowser from the world of “Super Mario” was not exhibited by Nintendo, but by Lego. At the touch of a button, the block figure comes to life and turns its head, opens its mouth and shakes its arms.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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Companies from China are conspicuously present this year, above all Tencent and HoYoverse. TikTok, a subsidiary of the Chinese group ByteDance, is also represented. Tencent is promoting its new blockbuster brand “Level Infinite” and perennial favorites like “PUBG Mobile” in Cologne. Read more about the company’s plans for the West here.

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At the HoYoverse booth, everything revolves around the online role-playing game » Genshin Impact«, which is very successful both in China and in the West. With the mobile versions of the game alone, the manufacturer has since 2020 made three billion dollars in sales. On Wednesday, »Genshin Impact« got many new features with its new version 3.0.


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All sorts of companies are trying to bug the target group of gamers in Cologne. The mobile phone provider Aldi Talk, for example, is trying a variation on the title of a »Zelda« game on a trade fair floor. »The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild« becomes »The Legend of Aldi Talk: Tarif for the Wild« at Gamescom.

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The BMW subsidiary Mini has meanwhile chosen Pikachu to be the brand ambassador for an electric car. A new concept car comes in a Pokémon look and offers, for example, a projector in the radiator grille for a quick round of “Pokémon” on the house wall. It is unclear whether the playful speedster called “Aceman” will ever come onto the market.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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Speaking of vehicles: While you used to see a tank at the Bundeswehr stand , there is a quad this year. A spokeswoman for the Bundeswehr says the reserved appearance has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine. She says that the Bundeswehr also needs »urgently skilled workers« and hopes that Gamescom will see young people who are enthusiastic about IT.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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Well-known web video makers can also be found at Gamescom. Content creator »Rewinside« has over three million subscribers on YouTube alone. “We simply can’t miss Gamescom,” he says about himself and his colleagues from the streamer scene, who travel to Cologne for stage appearances and autograph sessions. The stars on site include HandOfBlood, Gnu and Shurjoka.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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If you are more interested in games than gaming personalities, you will find what you are looking for in the so-called Indie Arena. Individual developers and smaller studios have registered here on 1024 square meters, making their joint stand the largest at the fair. Game fans from all over the world crowd here at the computers and consoles and test the latest highlights of the indie scene.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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It’s very relaxed nearby in the Retro Area, where fans of old arcade machines get their money’s worth. You can find here, for example, fully mechanical Sega devices from 1973. However, the stand operators from the “Retro Nerds” association preferred to leave a few special gems in the Münsterland. »We mainly took the very robust machines with us,« says stand manager Pia. »At the last Gamescom, one or the other device was broken.«

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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Right next to the arcade classics, there are pinball machines dedicated to modern pop culture. Pinball can be played at Gamescom in the world of the Netflix blockbuster “Stranger Things” or in the “Star Wars” universe of the Disney series “The Mandalorian”.

Photo: Pascal Muehle

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If you want to experience more action, you can visit the stand of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). In the so-called »Rage Cage«, some visitors are given the opportunity to destroy old consoles and controllers. A liability release must be signed beforehand. In addition, the TK emphasizes that it is »electronic waste that is no longer usable«.

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This is how an Xbox-360- Console off after being edited by a Rage Cage Visitor. “It was fun,” the man from Lindlar comments on his appearance as a destroyer. Incidentally, TK wants to advertise anti-stress coaching with this campaign.

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All in all, it could be a little less stressful at the fair this year than it was 2019 There is quite a lot of open space in some halls and not as many visitors are expected as before the pandemic. However, it is still unknown exactly how many people are coming.


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Wear protective masks Place only a few visitors, you are not asked to visit the fair. Every now and then you meet mask wearers who do promotion for games. The two creatures posing here with NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst are promoting »Destroy All Humans! 2″ and a remake of “System Shock”.


Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

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The games visitors look forward to at Gamescom vary. Many fans of Japanese comics, for example, are eagerly awaiting a role-playing game: With »One Piece Odyssey«, the manga classic »One Piece« will soon have a straw hat adventure game. A Luffy figure several meters high welcomes visitors to the associated exhibition stand.

Photo: Pascal Mühle

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Anyone who is enthusiastic about Japanese pop culture as well as games can work in the merchandising area try his luck. For 30 Euro piñata cubes containing fan articles from both areas are sold there. Each buyer may roll three dice three times: If you roll three sixes at once, you get your money back.

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In the merchandising area, you can also shop without games: from figures for the shelf to game soundtracks on records to to Japanese sweets, all sorts of things can be bought there. Cuddly pillows that look like penises are marketed as an alleged TikTok trend.

Photo: IMAGO/Jochen Tack

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Beware if you are arachnophobic: At the entrance to Microsoft’s Xbox stand, which this year is smaller than Tencent’s stand, for example, a sign warns of a spider statue placed there. According to the sign, the spider is 5.2 meters wide and 2.2 meters high.


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And here is the giant beast that makes you smile in a friendly way: the spider statue, staged as a selfie opportunity, is intended to draw attention to the survival game »Grounded« that has already been released.

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