Disaster control Nina app: Federal warning app irritates with corona all-clear

The nationwide corona warning in the Nina warning app was lifted on Friday. “All clear: Corona virus: information from the Federal Ministry of Health,” was the headline in the app. And the text went on to say: »This is the all-clear for the warning ›Coronavirus: Information from the Federal Ministry of Health‹ from 07.04.2022«. This warning has been lifted. Users of the app may have asked themselves whether Corona is no longer officially classified as a danger (you can find more information about the app under this link ).

»This is important information from the Federal Ministry of Health. The coronavirus continues to pose a serious threat to your health. Take advantage of the offers for the corona vaccination and refresh your vaccination protection if necessary. Even if the nationwide warning is hereby lifted, continue to observe the recommendations for action given, especially the AHA rules.«

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health also referred to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which continues to assess the risk of Covid-19 for the health of the population in the Federal Republic as high. The fact that the Nina-Warn-App still shows the all-clear has purely technical reasons. The responsible Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) announced information at a later date on request. However, no statement was made until late afternoon.

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