Digitization of administration: every second manager is satisfied

For many administrative matters, citizens in Germany still have to go to the office – while a large part of banking or insurance matters can be done digitally from home. And now that millions of homeowners are struggling with their new property tax returns , this is not least due to the fact that they have to merge data that is officially available, but in no form that could easily be processed electronically.

How do the offices themselves assess the status of their digitization? A new survey by the management consultancy BCG and the Center for Digital Governance at the Hertie School sheds light on this. So believe 47 Percent of managers in the public sector that digitization is well developed in their respective institution. After all, there is a digitization strategy at 63 Percent of respondents.

The authors of the survey contrast this with the perception of citizens and use data from the eGovernment Monitor from last year. According to this, the satisfaction of the users of electronic administration offers was 36 percent – ​​and thus 11 Percentage points lower than last year. The conclusion: Managers in the offices may still be a little too rosy about the digital situation.

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The digitization of administration not only refers to interfaces to the outside, it should also make the processes within the organization more efficient. However, only 36 Percent of those surveyed indicated that internal processes are digitized. This affects, among other things, the personnel organization or budget processes. Only around a third of those surveyed agree with the statement: »Data makes a major contribution to value in our organization«.

The respondents were 143 Managers from various areas of public administration. These included, above all, heads of departments, heads of departments and heads of authorities. A third of them have more than ten years of professional experience outside of public authorities, only eight percent stated that they had never worked outside of the administration. 87 percent of them are civil servants.

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