“Arielle, the mermaid”: This is how children react to the new trailer

The anticipation of a new film adaptation of »Arielle, the Mermaid« should not only be great among children. However, long before the film starts, Disney’s project has met with hatred and racist hate speech online. The reason: The main actress is the black actress Halle Bailey, which some people apparently cannot or do not want to reconcile with their image of the mythical figure. Now people got to see Bailey in action as Arielle for the first time because a few days ago Disney released the trailer for the live-action adaptation of the animated classic by 1989. And the racist comments are now drowned out by childish enthusiasm.

Numerous videos are currently circulating, especially on TikTok, in which parents capture the reactions of their black children to the trailer. In it you can see how the children rejoice over the heroine. »She’s black?«, a girl asks incredulously in a video and immediately lets out a happy »Yay!«.

Another video features a girl in pink pajamas. After seeing the end of the trailer, he throws himself elatedly on the living room carpet and says to his mother: “She is brown like me!”

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Many other clips show children who are obviously happy to be able to admire a black childhood heroine in the cinema soon. In a Twitter thread a user has collected some of the films. To what extent these are actually spontaneous reactions cannot be said, but the message is clear. Adults also have their say on TikTok and welcome the fact that Disney is taking an important step towards a stronger representation of People of Color (PoC) in children’s films with the cast.

The fact that these videos are currently trending in social media has a bitter background. Because after the release of the trailer, disparaging comments about leading actress Bailey were collected on various platforms under the hashtag #AriellsNotBlack. Already after the announcement of the cast in 1989 there were more and more racist comments 2023 read on the net. The Shitstorm is now a so-called Candystorm 2023, so a lot of encouragement from the young viewers. However, the enthusiastic kids from the TikTok clips still have to be patient: the film will not be released in cinemas until May 2023.

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