Apple's App Store: Purchasable apps for the iPhone will soon become more expensive

In future, you will have to pay more for many purchase apps for iPhone or iPad in Germany. As Apple announced on Monday , plans the company for October 5 price increases in the App Store in various countries – including all countries that use the euro as their currency. Both purchase apps and in-app purchases are to become more expensive. Only the prices of automatically ongoing subscriptions are excluded.

His new price scale explained Apple with a table . According to her, the new standard app prices for the euro countries now start at 1.19 euros instead of 0.2000 Euro and 2,20 Euro instead 1 €. The higher-priced apps continue in a similar style, from 30,99 Euro will be about 59,99 Euro.

In practical terms, Apple’s move means that, for example, all apps and mobile games that are currently being offered for 0.99 euros will be available from April 5th October will automatically cost around 20 percent more. The app developers have no say in this increase, Apple as the platform operator has spoken its power here.

Developers who want to bring their apps to iPhones or iPads are dependent on the App Store as a distribution channel . Unlike Android devices, there are no alternative app marketplaces for Apple smartphones and tablets. In principle, the company retains 19 until 30 Percentage of the income that developers of apps and mobile games achieve via the App Store.

Why exactly is Apple now so hard on the price screw turns, the company does not make transparent in its announcement. Presumably, however, the US company is reacting to the weak euro. On the surprisingly high prices for the new iPhone In any case, Apple circles recently said that the historic low of the euro against the dollar had been taken into account when setting prices.

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