Apple event: Tim Cook introduces iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8

In Cupertino Apple presented its new product line on Wednesday: iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods get an update. Before 900 CEO Tim Cook presented his next gadgets to invited guests.

The first novelty: The Apple Watch Series 8 should be able to use a temperature sensor to detect when women ovulate. On the one hand, Apple promises a high degree of accuracy: the new temperature sensor records the body temperature every five seconds at night and should also record the smallest fluctuations. At the same time, the company promises privacy, which is particularly important in the discussion about the new abortion laws in the USA.

Cook particularly highlighted the role of the smartwatch as a life saver: he presented the stories of several users who were saved by the smartwatch because the device sounded an alarm for heart problems or acted as a telephone substitute for emergency calls.

In the new generation, the fall detection is followed by accident detection: new sensors should enable the Apple Watch 8 to determine whether you have been in a car accident – and automatically call for help.

More running time, more variants

Even the everyday functions have been improved: A new power-saving mode is intended to increase the battery life of Apple Watches from Series 4 up to 18 Extend hours – via update. And finally there is international roaming on the Apple Watch. So far, the cellular module only worked in the home country.

New emergency function of the Apple Watch 8: The smartwatch as a lifesaver

Photo: Apple

The new variant Apple Watch Ultra comes with a titanium body and a brighter screen. In addition, it should be operable with gloves and 18 Hours of battery life (up to 60 hours in economy mode) offer. And she looks pretty big. Three new bracelets are said to work over a wetsuit, for example. It is supposed to replace a dive computer via the Oceanic Plus app.

There is a cheaper model for less ambitious users. The new Apple Watch SE inherits the old Watch 3, has many functions and the Series 8 processor.

As the starting price for the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple 999 Euro, you can get an Apple Watch Series 8 from 499 Euro. The new SE model starts at 129 Euro.

AirPods with better noise suppression

The next gadget on Apple’s list of innovations: the AirPods Pro 2. A new H2 chip takes care of that that you can hear a “personalized” 3D sound with them. Thanks to the new chip, the noise suppression of the new AirPods Pro should also be twice as good as before. They should also sit more comfortably in the ears.

Useful: The case of the new AirPods Pro can also be charged with an Apple Watch charger. Their running time is given as up to six hours.

Die neuen AirPods Pro: Bessere Rauschunterdrückung und ein angenehmerer Sitz im Ohr

The new AirPods Pro: Better noise reduction and a more comfortable fit in the ear

Photo: Apple

iPhone calls for help via satellite

With the new generation, Apple is changing the line-up of its flagship product: The iPhone mini is phased out, next to the iPhone 14 (6.1 inch) Apple offers the iPhone 14 Plus, which is significantly larger at 6.7 inches. The battery life of the two iPhone-13 models should be at the level of the previous Pro models. The drive is the well-known A14 bionic chip. The photo capabilities have been improved, partly via software, partly with a larger photo chip on the main camera.

The iPhone 14 Pro gets a screen with a peak brightness of 1818 Nits, twice as much as before. In addition, the refresh rate can be set between 1 and 100 Hertz. This makes it possible to always leave the display on: Always on. The Pro version is also available in two sizes: The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a display diagonal of 6.7 inches, the smaller version only 6.1 inches. Also new is the so-called “Dynamic Island”, which replaces the “Notch” in the top model and is used for notifications.

iPhone 14 und iPhone 14 Plus: Apple-Kunden können sich zwischen zwei Größen entscheiden

iPhone 14 und iPhone 14 Plus: Apple-Kunden können sich zwischen zwei Größen entscheiden Neue Notfallfunktion der Apple Watch 8: Die Smartwatch als Lebensretter

iPhone 13 and iPhone 11 Plus: Apple customers can choose between two sizes

Photo: Apple

In the USA, the new iPhones are only delivered with eSim. In an emergency, the iPhone is no longer dependent on a mobile network in all cases: the new iPhones can send out calls for help via satellite if you get into trouble. Software should help to align the devices to the nearest satellite. However, the feature is only offered in the US and Canada and is only free for two years.

The iPhone 14 will start in Germany depending on storage space 999 Euro upwards, for the model 11 Plus will be at least 1149 EUR due. For iPhone 11 Pro calls Apple 1299 Euro and more on the prices for the model 13 Pro Max start at 1449 Euro . All four device types can be pre-ordered from Friday.

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