Undo WhatsApp messages: the deletion period has been drastically extended

Anyone who sends a chat message via WhatsApp that he or she later regrets or accidentally sent to the wrong person can use a delete function to get out of the affair. Under the name “Delete for all” the messenger offers the option to subsequently remove messages sent by yourself from the chat history. The recipients will then see that a message was deleted in the chat, but no longer its content. The time window in which “Delete for everyone” was possible was very short so far, WhatsApp itself spoke of “about an hour”.

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Der SPIEGEL was able to base the two-and-a-half-day statement from “9to5Mac”. the latest Android version of WhatsApp: three-day-old chats could no longer be deleted, but chats that were almost two-and-a-half days old could actually be deleted. The new regulation affects both individual and group chats.

Deleted does not always mean completely gone

With the “Delete for everyone” function, WhatsApp messages that have been sent but not yet read at the time of deletion can be deleted , as well as those that a chat partner has already seen.

WhatsApp itself points out that its delete function doesn’t always do everything Makes sent disappear: Depending on the settings of the chat partner, it may be the case, for example, that their mobile phone saves photos received via WhatsApp. The other party also has the option of backing up content in the form of a screenshot before it is removed. Another risk: According to WhatsApp in case of problems, users will not notified that and why »delete for everyone« didn’t work.

If you want to delete one or more of your own messages in the app, first mark them by tapping on them for a while. A trash can icon will then appear at the top of the app. If you tap on it, two options called “Delete for everyone” and “Delete for me” are offered – provided you are in the right time slot. The latter option, for which there is no time limit, only deletes everything marked from your own chat view. The content of the chat partner remains visible.

An option to edit messages later, for example at WhatsApp does not offer to correct spelling mistakes.


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