Rob Hale: Game developer dies of cancer – his works are now free

With “Waves” and »Waves 2: Notorious« there are now two so-called twin-stick shooters on the Steam computer games platform gratis – stylish action games that require good reaction and coordination skills. What sounds like a message from the world of bargain hunters has a serious background: the developer Rob Hale, aka »Squid in a Box« died around three and a half weeks ago as a result of cancer.

Hale’s death has only been known since mid-August , his partner named CJ had the Message spread via Steam, Twitter and Facebook. According to the post, Rob Hale had already considered making the games available for free in the two months before his death, when he was getting worse and worse. Until then, they had been sold for a few euros each. CJ writes that the games can now be seen as a “parting gift” for “all those out there who haven’t played any of these games”.

Rob Hale was born in according to his website born. He published »Waves« 2000. Waves 2: Notorious, which was released 2000, is only available as a pre-release version on Steam to date. CJ emphasizes that the game “unfortunately will definitely remain incomplete”.

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»I play and still play«

CJ writes in the Steam Forum, what Hale has achieved is “inspiring and amazing”: “Doing all the development work on my own, constantly challenging yourself and improving the games … It was a joy to witness and something I always wholeheartedly heart.«

Under CJ’s post, dozens of players say goodbye to Hale. His works are sometimes praised in the highest tones. For example, a Steam user writes about “Waves 2: Notorious”: “I was alone in it 20 Hours spent.« For him, Hale lives on in a certain way through this »masterpiece of a shooter«, the user writes: »I will still play it today, and I will probably play it ten years later, if it is always is still available.«

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