Police warn of fraudulent job offers on Ebay classifieds

Good wages for little effort: Fraudsters keep using bogus job advertisements to get personal data. The police crime prevention department of the federal states and the federal government warns of this in a current information campaign.

The scam of the scammers: Those who are interested in the supposedly lucrative offer , is asked to open a bank account for “test purposes” or to “verify your own information”. The scammers then use this for their machinations. In some cases, interested parties should also make an existing bank account available for transactions.

The job applicants then often receive payments that they forward to other accounts should – the money often disappears abroad. With this form of identity theft, job seekers not only become victims themselves, there is also the threat of criminal charges for fraud or suspected money laundering. According to the investigators, there are also cases in which scammers impersonate victims and offer goods on the Internet that they do not deliver. Here, too, job seekers are initially threatened with investigations if the fraud is discovered.

Fighting ads with ads

In order to stop the rampant ad fraud, the authorities are using an unusual method. In cooperation with Ebay classified ads, they placed their own lure offers, which initially looked confusingly similar to the ads by scammers. However, the description warns of the dangers of such offers.

Crime Prevention recommends carefully examining every advertisement – whether on job exchanges, Internet portals or by e-mail. It is usually easy to research whether the company that published an ad actually exists.

The question of whether the work order is serious, meaningful and logical can also be a clue. The police crime prevention also advises to pay attention to whether the job is conspicuously generously remunerated. The more tempting the offer sounds, the more mistrust is warranted.

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