Oliver Janich arrested in the Philippines

The Munich public prosecutor’s office confirmed that they are investigating Janich. »There is a suspicion that the accused insulted another person in the year 2020 or 2021 – in each case publicly via Telegram , called for the execution of a prominent person and for the killing of former federal and state government members in the Federal Republic of Germany,” the authority told SPIEGEL.

Oliver Janich attracted attention during the pandemic as one of the most radical German conspiracy ideologues. On his Telegram channel with around 10.000 followers he ranted at the end 2021 about the fact that it was necessary to »shoot all members of the government at federal and state level«. Janich had emigrated to the Philippines several years ago and set up a kind of dropout project there on the island of Tablas with like-minded people.

Since 2017 Janich has also been spreading elements of the QAnon conspiracy originating from the USA. Its supporters sense the »deep state« behind everything and claim that the elites secretly torture children in order to obtain the elixir of life adrenochrome from their blood. Janich’s YouTube channel was deleted in the fall 2020, but he can continue to spread content undisturbed on the Messenger platform Telegram.

Janich also did it there made his arrest public on Wednesday. In a Telegram post, an Austrian blogger reported that he actually wanted to conduct an interview with Janich via video call on Wednesday morning, but then Janich told him that he was about to be arrested. “In the interview we wanted to talk about new insights into Freemasonry,” explained the blogger.

In a live stream on Wednesday, several of Janich’s supporters and confidants spoke about the arrest. They said that the allegations against him could be related to his private life, but explained that all allegations were unfounded.

Observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Janich, who comes from Munich, has been under surveillance by the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution for a long time. Last year, the authority described him to SPIEGEL as “the best-known representative of the QAnon conspiracy theory in German-speaking countries”. With the help of his wide reach, Janich spreads »right-wing extremist content and fuels a general mistrust of his followers towards the social, economic and political system in Germany«.

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