Montenegro sees “sufficient evidence” for Russian cyber attacks

The attacks hit the Ministry of Finance, but apparently also critical infrastructure: Montenegro has become the target of a large-scale cyber attack. The small Balkan state has never experienced a hacker attack of this magnitude, said Minister of Administration Maras Dukaj on Saturday. According to the minister, the computer systems of several state authorities had been »infected«.

Thanks to rapid countermeasures, the IT infrastructure has not been permanently damaged, Dukaj explained. According to him, no data of citizens and companies was endangered.

Defense Minister Rasko Konjevic blamed Russia for the attack that took place on Friday and Saturday. He spoke of “extremely sophisticated attacks” that individual hackers would not be able to carry out. “Who could have a political interest in causing such damage to Montenegro?” he asked on state television, speaking of “enough evidence” to suspect Moscow to be behind the attack.

This is the second cyber attack in Montenegro since a vote of no confidence on 19. August had heralded the end of the pro-Western government of Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic. After a meeting of the National Security Council, he said that Montenegro would ask its international partners for expert help in order to save data and prevent further attacks.

France announces support

France then announced support. It plans to dispatch an Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) mission to help investigate the cyberattack and restore security.

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