Karl Lauterbach is committed to a quick start of e-prescriptions

Lauterbach spoke out in favor of digital prescription codes being able to be sent not only via a special app for smartphones, but also by e-mail or SMS. Among other things, data protection issues are being discussed in order to find a solution. Lauterbach found out about the use of the digital application for prescriptions in a doctor’s office in Berlin.

Rund 10.000 Pharmacies are ready to go

After a test phase, the e-prescription is to be gradually introduced this Thursday in practices and clinics in the Westphalia-Lippe region and near dentists in Schleswig-Holstein. From September 1st, pharmacies nationwide should also accept e-prescriptions, according to the association, around 10.000 of the 18.000 Pharmacies ready to go.

The project recently stalled after the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians announced earlier this week that it would temporarily withdraw from the planned test phase. Actually, not only the dentists in the north should test the electronic prescription, but also health insurance practices. Some in the industry sensed that the doctors in Schleswig-Holstein were only sent ahead to delay the introduction of the e-prescription because the project is unpopular with parts of the medical profession and some pharmacists. (Read more details about the dispute here.)

With the e-prescription, patients receive a code on their cell phone instead of the usual pink slip, which they can use to pick up medication in pharmacies. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can get the code printed out on paper for the time being. From 2023 it should also be possible to redeem e-prescriptions with the electronic health card. A nationwide start for the e-prescription project was originally planned for January of this year.

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