Interpol and Spoon Tour Starts Today

Interpol and Spoon have announced a North American co-headlining tour. The tour is called the ‘Lights, Camera, Factions Tour’ and will include Indie pop group The Goon Sax as the opening act. Spoon has released their latest album Lucifer on the Sofa and Interpol is working on their seventh studio album. Tickets for the tour go on sale Friday, April 1.

Spoon recently released two albums, Hot Thoughts and Lucifer on the Sofa, and Rolling Stone hailed Spoon’s latest effort as “the best they’ve ever done.” Meanwhile, Interpol just finished recording their seventh studio album in London with producers Flood and Moulder. The new album will follow their 2018 record, Marauder.

Interpol formed in 1997 and quickly gained popularity in the indie rock scene. The band’s edgy sound has earned them a huge fan base. Their first two albums made it to the top of music lovers’ playlists. When guitarist Carlos Dengler left the group in 2000, the band went through some lineup changes. They eventually settled on a trio lineup and released their first album as a trio in early 2014.

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