HomeTec Pro CFA3000: BSI warns against the use of insecure wireless door locks from Abus

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has warned against the use of the digital door lock HomeTec Pro CFA3000 from the manufacturer Abus . The authority recommended on Wednesday , right after that to pay attention to which variant of it is installed and to replace a certain type. The reason: A weak point in the wireless door lock drive allows attackers who are nearby to unlock the lock and thus gain unauthorized access to buildings, offices or apartments. However, the authority did not reveal details of the vulnerability.

The BSI emphasized that Abus has confirmed the vulnerability and reported that the product examined is a discontinued model that has been replaced by a successor model since March 2021. will. In the original model, however, the problem can no longer be eliminated because there are no update options for the customer.

However, it is not easy to identify the affected locks: With reference to Abus, the Bonn authorities write that the successor model does not differ significantly from the lock with the security problem, either visually or in terms of its name. The date of purchase or manufacture of a HomeTec Pro CFA3000 is also not a reliable indicator of whether your own device is affected by the vulnerability “due to a lack of specific information”. be affected. The affected lock was sold in a set with a radio remote control called CFA3000.

“Recommend checking the use of alternative products”

According to Abus, the revised version of the device should at least be recognizable by the fact that it has a Keycard with a unique QR code is included. In addition, the BSI quotes information from the manufacturer 3000, the new version has a Bluetooth logo on the product and packaging.

Digital door locks are being used more and more frequently to protect rooms and entrance doors. Different techniques for transmitting locking and opening signals such as radio are used for locking and unlocking.

On the Abus website, on the subpage for the HomeTec Pro CFA3000

on Thursday morning no indication of any security problems or how to tell which product generation you are using Has. At the request of the news agency, the company initially did not comment on the subject on Wednesday.

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