France: Hospital rejects emergency patients because of cyber attack

It was initially unclear whether a single criminal or a group of criminals was behind the attack on the hospital on Sunday night. The Paris Public Prosecutor opened an investigation.

No ransom may be paid

According to hospital director Gilles Calmes, the IT experts at the clinic initially assumed it was a glitch given the technical problems. “But when a ransom demand of ten million dollars came, they understood.”

According to the television station BFM, the blackmailer or blackmailers also threatened to publish data that was stolen in the course of the attack. Such a procedure would not be unusual: Many modern ransomware attacks are based on the fact that the victims’ data is encrypted on the one hand, but also recorded on the other and then deliberately used as an additional means of exerting pressure. In this context, IT security companies use the term »double extortion«.

The clinic in Corbeil-Essonnes has a capacity of approximately 1000 beds and provides healthcare to almost 600.000 People.

Since Sunday, the clinic has done everything possible to ensure the care of particularly urgent cases, said hospital director Calmes. However, new admissions are complicated, and emergency patients may be forwarded “directly” to other facilities in the region. Cancellations of operations are to be feared.

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