Deutsche Post discontinues »E-Post« service, documents are deleted

Documents will be deleted Deutsche Post will provide »E-Mail« service on

The »E-Post«, a mixed form of e-mail and letter, was never a success. If you want to continue using such an offer, you now have to switch providers – and only have a limited amount of time to save your old messages.


Logo der Deutschen Post: Der Konzern versuchte, Analog und Digital zu vereinen

Logo of Deutsche Post: The group tried to combine analogue and digital

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After twelve years it’s over: Private customers of Deutsche Post’s “E-Post” received the message on Monday about the final end of the service for sending and receiving letter mail digitally. The letter company wants to store the mail received online on its servers until the end of November, after which the documents will no longer be accessible. If you want to continue to send or receive mail via the Internet, you have to switch to other services.

The »E -Post-Brief« was one of the first attempts by established communications groups to link their analog infrastructure to the Internet. Although e-mails have long been part of everyday life, the offer at the start of the year 2010 caused a sensation in the short term: One million users are said to have registered online for the service to have. However, only a fraction completed the complex registration process.

Anyone who booked the service was completely tied to one provider: Deutsche Post rejected an association with De-Mail because it believed that its initial investment of approximately 500 Better to be able to bring in millions of euros alone.

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The Group will continue to offer a mixture of letter post and e-mail. 2022 Deutsche Post started a cooperation with and GMX so that postal customers receive pictures of letters that are on their way to them on the analogue route. In the case of large mail-order companies cooperating with the providers, the customers not only received the image of the envelope but also the content in digital form. In contrast to De-Mail and the E-Post-Brief, however, digital delivery is not intended to replace the physical delivery of the envelope – the recipients receive both. This service is to continue after e-mail is discontinued.

Who wants to receive all letters digitally, must now scarcely

at Deutsche Post pay euros per month, the free offer will be terminated. There are also offers for business customers. When asked by SPIEGEL, Deutsche Post did not reveal how many users the »E-Post« had recently.

The apps of the E-Post service will be deleted from the app stores from the beginning of November. Anyone who has used the »E-Post« service as a digital file folder for important mail must take action by the end of November. All letters can be downloaded from the Post servers via a download function before the service is discontinued and the documents become inaccessible.

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