Corona warning app will soon show fresh vaccination in green

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The update in the Warning app is intended to help make it easier and faster to check the vaccination status. The point of criticism raised in the debate about the Infection Protection Act, that a fresh vaccination could not be checked, was wrong, Lauterbach wrote on Twitter.

So far, a booster vaccination can be identified by the small plus sign next to »2G«. The planned display in different colors should make corresponding checks in restaurants or pubs much easier.

The Corona warning app was updated in February so that at first glance the vaccination status is recognizable. Next to the QR code of the vaccination certificate is something like »2G« or »2G+«. (Read more about the current display of vaccination certificates in the app here.)

The Federal Ministry of Health said about the planned changes that the warning app »has been continuously expanded since it was launched and improved«. “In this respect, the notification of a recent vaccination, recovery or test does not represent any fundamental innovation,” said a spokesman for the ministry.

Vaccination opponents want to delete app because of graphical change

On Twitter, some vaccination opponents compared the plans with a Chinese system, in which the health status is partially displayed in different colors

. Some called for the app to be deleted. However, the addition that has now been announced only changes the graphical representation in the warning app. Nothing changes in the way the app works.

In China, the app is used to help decide on the movement radius of the citizens and, according to the »New York Times«, the app can also be used automatically Share data with the police. The vaccination certificates in Germany, on the other hand, only play a role in controls when people visit a restaurant or a cinema, for example.

The German app is technically structured in such a way that no movement profiles can be created or conclusions can be drawn about individual individuals. In addition, according to current plans, citizens will still be able to visit indoor spaces in the fall, regardless of the color of their vaccination certificate. You only have to wear a mask if necessary, as this protects against infection.

When checking the vaccination status in the warning app, the QR code next to the certificate must still be scanned. Only this counts as actual, forgery-proof proof, not the status display such as 2G or soon a vaccination certificate highlighted in colour.

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