Cambridge Analytica scandal: Facebook before settlement in data breach lawsuit

Facebook shared private user data with British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. In the years-long legal battle over the case, a new twist appears to be imminent: According to court documents, Facebook filed a draft “settlement in principle” with a court in San Francisco on Friday (local time), requesting that the proceedings for 60 Days to put the agreement in writing.

The UK consultancy, now defunct, had the Data from around 87 million Facebook users evaluated. The results were used, among other things, for the Brexit campaign before the British referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU 2016 and for the election campaign of Donald Trump, who was then elected President of the USA.

The Attorney General for the US District of Washington, DC, sued Zuckerberg in May. He holds the CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta directly responsible. In September, Zuckerberg and outgoing CEO Sheryl Sandberg are scheduled to be questioned by the US justice system about the scandal.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has blocked access to its data for thousands of apps over suspected abuse and limited the amount of data accessible to developers. In addition, it is now easier for users to restrict the sharing of their data.

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