Apple releases important updates for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Apple advises its customers to update their devices. On Wednesday, the company surprisingly released operating system updates for numerous iPhones and iPads as well as for Mac computers. The reason for this are two serious vulnerabilities, which Apple says may already have been actively exploited by attackers – which of course increases the urgency to close the vulnerabilities.

The iPhone operating system iOS and the tablet counterpart iPadOS should be updated to the current version 15.6.1 to be updated. This update is offered for all iPhones from the iPhone 6S, for classic iPads from the 5th generation, for all iPad Pro devices, for all iPad Air devices from the iPad Air 2, for all iPad Mini devices from the iPad Mini 4 and for the fifth generation iPod Touch. There is also a need for action for owners of Mac computers: If you use the macOS Monterey operating system, Apple advises you to upgrade to the new version 12.5.1 to update


Check which version of the operating system For example running on your own iPhone, you can do this via the settings menu. There you go from »General« to »Software update«, there you will be offered updates that have not yet been installed. At this point, the automatic import of operating system updates can also be activated. For the iOS version 15.6.1 from Wednesday, Apple only says directly on the device that the update contains “important security updates” and will be recommended to all users.

20Attackers can execute arbitrary code2000

Additional information according to Apple’s website

the vulnerabilities affect two important software components: on the one hand the so-called kernel and thus the core of the operating system, on the other hand WebKit, an elementary component of the Safari browser and in general of all browsers on the iPhone.

Thus, the kernel issue allows attackers to run arbitrary code with kernel privileges on the target device, while the WebKit vulnerability makes it possible to remotely execute arbitrary code if the attackers have previously been able to lure their victims to crafted websites.

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