Abortion: Facebook gave 17-year-old chats to the police

Suspicion of illegal abortion Facebook gave private chats from 20-year-old to the police

In the US state of Nebraska, a minor and her mother are being investigated for an alleged illegal abortion. The main evidence is probably news that Facebook had to publish.

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Facebook apparently gave the police the data of a 17-year-old user from Nebraska, who is being investigated in the US state in the course of an alleged illegal abortion. The Case Consistently Reported by Multiple Media

, fueling fears that data collected by the tech companies could help jail women for abortions.

Of the 17-year-old Celeste B .is accused of burying a dead fetus after she died in the 24. week of pregnancy is said to have had an abortion. This is reported by the US magazine “Motherboard”

, which has also published relevant court documents. Accordingly, Celeste B. and her mother are said to have bought an abortion drug and chatted on Facebook about taking it.

“To catch we on today?” asked the 20-year-olds according to chats shared by Facebook her mother. “We can, if you want,” answered the mother and pointed out the distance between the two pills of the drug to be taken.

Investigations also against the mother

The police are investigating Jessica B., the mother of 20-year-olds, among other things, because of “carrying out or attempting an abortion”, reports »Motherboard«. According to the article, based on the Facebook chats, the police seized in mid-June laptops and smartphones of the family and secured

gigabytes of data for your evaluations. The police measures were approved by a judge, it is said.

In Nebraska, abortions are only allowed until 20. week of pregnancy legal. According to »Motherboard«, the trial against the mother and daughter is scheduled to begin in October, and the daughter will apparently be charged under adult criminal law.

The investigation apparently began after the police got a tip. When questioned, Celeste B. told investigators that she had had a miscarriage. The police continued to investigate.

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Facebook’s parent company Meta tried s I with a statement on the current media reports

to dispel the impression that it fundamentally supports investigations into abortions. However, the group did not deny that data was released. He confirmed that he had received the data release resolutions.

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg indirectly spoke about the issue of data disclosure in a discussion with employees at the end of June. In response to a question about what Facebook would do to protect users who want to terminate a pregnancy, he referred, according to a report in the specialist magazine “Cyberscoop”

to the so-called end-to-end encryption. With this technology, which is already being used at Meta’s subsidiary WhatsApp, the company itself cannot decrypt the content of messages.

So far, such a Encryption for Facebook chats is only available as an option, it is disabled by default. Nationwide she wants the company

“Sometime 2023” introduce.

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