Booba on a mission to bring down ‘totally fake’ influencers

In an interview with Liberation, the rapper positions himself as a “whistleblower” against the practices of certain influencers and calls on the public authorities to “react”.

Between rapper Booba and influencer Magali Berdah, the hatchet is far from buried. One of the biggest names in French rap has gone on a crusade and has been denouncing the business of influencers for several months and regularly accuses them of “ripping off honest people”. In an interview published in Liberation this Thursday, Booba believes that his “mission” is to denounce “a totally fake world”.

“Their delirium there, dropshipping, is revolting. And me, because I have an impact and I am followed on the networks, it is my mission to denounce it”, he explains to the national daily, which devotes its front page to it.

“The Booba bus is there to take on board all those who want to see them pay for their crimes. Now that I’ve started in there, I have to finish”, judges the rapper.

Booba attacks influencers with vitriol. “Beyond having no talent, promoting the culture of emptiness, debility, and not paying their taxes in France, they fool citizens (especially teenagers) by selling them crap” , he says.

Asked by our colleagues from Liberation about young people who can identify with influencers, Booba tempers. “Everyone watches what they want,” he explains, saying he was “outraged by the discovery of massive scams.”

“What shocks me is, for example, when Maeva Ghennam, in her twenties, comes to Instagram to say that she had a 12-year-old girl’s vagina done, and that behind a 50-year-old surgeon confirms. what is that? Frankly, it’s not possible,” says Booba.

With his team, the rapper collects on an email address many testimonials from people who have been scammed. “We have hundreds of cases, young people, mothers,” he laments. “We filed complaints and reports with specialized services,” explains Booba.

“Now the authorities have to react , I am not the Minister of Fraud. see. There are financial stakes, big money”.

“This must be the end for these people. This story is not a clash, it’s a demand for justice. And when it’s over, I’ll bring oranges to Magali Berdah,” he concludes.

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