Anne Wunsch wants to be sterilized

Says Three is enough

Soap star and influencer Anne Wunsch (30, “Berlin Day & Night”) is already a mother of three. Her three kids (two girls, one boy) are her pride and joy. Nevertheless, it should now be an end to having children.

“Three is enough,” Wunsch explained to her one million Instagram followers in a story.

In early July, the 30-year-old gave birth to her third child after her daughters Juna and Miley (born in 2013 and 2015). Son Sávio Elio was born in a fall birth, giving his mom and dad Karim El Kammouchi (33) quite a fright.

Anne Wunsch no longer wants any more children, so she is planning a drastic step. Before a gynecologist appointment, she explained to her fans: “I’m getting advice on contraception or sterilization. You know that I definitely don’t want a child anymore.”

In order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, Anne Wunsch would “prefer to sterilize herself”. She explained this to her fans in an Instagram story

When a woman undergoes sterilization, both of her fallopian tubes are closed or severed. So she can no longer get pregnant.

After the consultation with her gynecologist, Anne Wunsch gave her fans an update: she wanted to have the medical procedure done “in six months at the earliest”.

Meanwhile, a vaginal ring (continuously releasing hormones, preventing ovulation) is designed to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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