Presidential Campaign Party Attempts To Take Musical License

Presidential Campaign Party Attempts To Take Musical License

Room Full of Strangers, a band known for being irreverent, subversive and always happy to unleash a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance, was surprised when a current political candidate contacted them to discuss licensing their new song “Media Today.” The group has elected to postpone the release of the song and has taken it offline to ensure the song will not be used at this time.

It makes one wonder if it was an act of defiance when Room Full of Strangers squarely rejected several attempts and an offer of an undisclosed amount of money to give license for the use of their new single.

The song’s lyrical content focuses on media manipulation, so one can surmise that the campaign party may have intended to use the song for purposes such as railing against unfair treatment by the media, or appealing to a younger demographic.

Mick McIuan, Room Full of Strangers’ founder and front-man said that he was not at liberty to say which party requested the song, but stated, “It’s odd that any political party would approach us about using our song, especially being that they don’t typically ask for permission. It’s irritating that these politicians use people’s music without asking. With or without permission, no two-party system politician will be using our song.”

McIuan denounced any party affiliation and further stated, “Perhaps this can be a starting point for people to begin taking charge of their lives and not rely on these so called future leaders of our society.”

Room Full of Strangers would not confirm a future release date for the song, but stated that they may consider releasing “Media Today” after the primary election.

The Strangers do look forward to their upcoming performance at the inaugural Mondo.NYC Festival and Summit on September 14 at Cake Shop in Manhattan. Tickets to see this performance are available now at www.Mondo.NYC or