Collective Soul Drummer Johnny Rabb Excited About Current Tour

collective soul

Interview by Danny Coleman  “We co-headline with 3 Doors Down and it’s a lot of fun. You get up there and you look at the set lists of the bands and you go, man it’s like a dang radio hit show, it’s exciting and I love watching the audience line up and say, wow I remember that song and our true followers; ... Read More »

Echo Black, City of The Weak Rock Asbury Park Music Foundation

echo black

Interview by Danny Coleman  Asbury Park Music Foundation was the scene of a recent performance featuring Echo Black and City of The Weak. This unique and intimate venue provided the perfect setting for this show and the bands did not disappoint. City of The Weak, a hard drivin’ band out of Minneapolis, MN fronted by the dynamic, “Stef w/ an F” got things rolling with an intense ... Read More »

Joe Grushecky Returns to Asbury Park with “More Yesterdays Then Tomorrows”

Joe Grushecky

Interview by Danny Coleman  “That’s kind of like asking who your favorite kid is (laughs). I like the title track, I like themall,” says veteran rocker Joe Grushecky as he discussed his new CD, his songwriting process and more as he preps for his July 14 Wonder Bar show in Asbury Park, NJ. “More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows,” was released at the beginning of April 2018 and ... Read More »

Rob Lundberg Opens “Uncontaminated Sound” June 27 at Bowery Electric

Rob Lundberg

Interview by Danny Coleman  “That’s what I like about shooting shows, the variables where you have to hack around the rules and circumstances,” says photographer Rob Lundberg as he discussed the fine art of photography; more specifically concert photography and his June 27 exhibit at The Bowery Electric in New York City. To attain the success which Lundberg has encountered, most photographers or anyone in the arts/entertainment industry ... Read More »

Interview: Gin Blossoms Still Blooming

gin blossoms

Interview by Danny Coleman  “A gin blossom is slang for the capillaries in your nose and face that burst because of excessive drinking.”  “We were a bar band for a long time and we needed something to stick,” says Gin Blossoms guitarist Scott Johnson with a laugh as he explained how the band got their name. A “Gin Blossom” is actually caused by Rhinophyma/Rosacea and results in the enlargement and reddening of one’s ... Read More »