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As The Crow Flies: A Murder at The Fox in Oakland, CA

as the crow flies

Review+Photos by Ken McCain May 11, 2018 | Oakland, CA –  First off, no one got hurt. In fact, everyone had a good time even while there was a murder upon the stage in Oakland. Yes, on the stage. Yet, there was no alarm. That’s because a “murder” is a group crows, and last Friday night a group of Crowes ... Read More »

Spin Doctors Chris Barron Releases, “Angels and One Armed Jugglers” and Goes on Tour

Chris Barron

Interview by Danny Coleman  “Funny, there’s a part of me that’s never really quite comfortable unless I have a guitar in my hands. The trick is A. Don’t make any mistakes B. If you make a mistake, cover it or C. Just don’t give a shit if you make a mistake (Laughs). The three are not mutually exclusive and at any given ... Read More »

Beale Street Music Festival 2018 Day 1 Begins Quietly Ends With a Roar

beale street music

Review + Photos by L Paul Mann May 4, 2018 | Memphis, TN –  The 42nd Beale Street music festival kicked off quietly on May 4, under overcast skies with a threat of rain. One of Americas oldest music festivals in the country it has consistently ranked in the top 10 of the most prominent music magazines listings. The three-day ... Read More »

Granny 4 Barrel is Definitely Not Off Their Rocker

Granny 4 Barrel

Interview by Danny Coleman  “We’re from New York, we’ve got a couple of lads from down state, right in the city and me and the Butcher the guitar player are from upstate New York, Oswego and Utica,” explained, “Granny” of the hard rocking metal/rock band Granny 4 Barrel from a Myrtle Beach, SC parking lot as he discussed their tour, singles, the upcoming show ... Read More »

The 80s Cruise Omnibus: 2018

The 80s Cruise Omnibus

The 80s Cruise sails every year out of Ft. Lauderdale for a week of concerts and parties. Click the links below to read reviews of the bands, check out costumes, and get the feel for what it was like to head back to the 80s for a week: The Experience Full Cruise Recap The 80s Cruise Scrapbook The Bands Rick ... Read More »

The 80s Cruise Omnibus: Katrina and Thomas Dolby

The 80s Cruise by LJ Moskowitz

This is a part of our full coverage of the 2018 80s Cruise. Read more about the floating music festival here.  The 80s Cruise excels by not only booking big names for the main stage but by finding the right bands to play in the smaller venues. The bands picked for the 400-seat rooms often walk onto the ship being ... Read More »