Review: Jason Aldean at the Shoreline Ampitheatre 2017

Review: Jason Aldean at the Shoreline Ampitheatre 2017

Review+Photos by Ken McCain

September 30, 2017 | Mountain View, CA

Saturday night is a night meant for a party. So, when a party involves country music artists the likes of Georgia-native Jason Aldean, it tends to get a little rowdy. Last Saturday at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA was the site that hosted that rowdy, get-down or get-outta-town party. From the parking lot, through the entrance lines, and into the venue’s plentiful bars and common areas, male and female fans alike  were primed and ready for a good time. The girls wore short shorts and skirts, with matching tops, and the guys wore plaid and smiles under their hats.

As the night began, Kane Brown and Chris Young each took their turn on stage to warm up the crowd for the headliner. Both had plenty of fans in the mood and got things really going by the end of their sets. Chris Young is certainly a rising star in country music and soon should be steering his own tour throughout the states. Count on it!

A break in the action allowed the fans time to refuel and the roadies to switch over the stage. About 30 minutes passed, then the lights went down. One of my favorite Genesis songs (and plenty of others will agree) “In the Air Tonight” came over the loudspeakers. It was part way through the song as it started and was just enough of the way through so that when Phil Collins’ iconic drum riff blasted out the band entered the stage. Boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom POW! This got everyone up on their feet as that song transitioned into the first of 22 songs the band would perform.

Jason Aldean, of course, is one of country music’s top performers for the last 12 years. With his self-titled debut album in 2005 he began his relentless run of nominations and wins through country and popular musics’ awards. Garnering top honors as “Top New Male Vocalist”, “Album of the Year”, “Vocalist of the Year”, and “Entertainer of the Year” from multiple organizations, Jason Aldean has proven that he is the real deal.

His kick-ass, 2-hour setlist took adoring fans through his entire catalog, touching tracks from all seven of his released albums. Every song sung out loud by every fan in attendance. They knew all the words. The triple-platinum album ‘My Kinda Party’ from 2010, had five tracks included in the set. The song “Texas Was You” was a change in the lineup for the band as Aldean explained to the crowd, adding that it was one from a few years back they really liked to play. In the song he references California as one of the places that reminded him of a time long ago. It got the crowd screaming ’cause they knew that lyric was coming. Later they played one of my favorites, and possibly the one that hooked me on his music years ago ,”Fly Over States”. It’s a great song that pays homage to the central US landscape and folks living in areas that so many of us know nothing about, yet are affected by them and the work they do on a daily basis. The wheat farmers, the long-haul truckers, the freight train engineers. All worthy of praise. And as the lyrics go “You might even want to plant your stakes in those fly over states”.

To catagorize Jason Aldean into one genre is impossible. He admitted to us all that he doesn’t like that, and he enjoys all types of music. He blends a number of styles into his own, taking blues, country, rap, hip-hop, and rock and forging it into his unique sound. One could say he’s picked up where Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers left off. He definitely is a hard-hitting punch that drives the music forward, relentlessly across the country. Don’t miss out on catching this tour as he continues down through Southern California and across the lower 48 into late October.

Lastly, we would like to express our sympathies and condolences to the families and those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas last Sunday evening. Events like this are difficult to understand and often times have no answer for the questions we ask. We implore you to take solace by gathering with family and friends, and not to give up on the spirit of love.

Jason Aldean Jason Aldean

They Don’t Know
The Only Way I Know
Johnny Cash
Take a Little Ride
A Little More Summertime
Any Ol’ Barstool
When She Says Baby
Crazy Town
Just Gettin’ Started
Texas Was You
Tattoos on This Town
Night Train
Amarillo Sky
The Truth
Fly Over States
Burnin’ It Down
Lights Come On
Dirt Road Anthem
My Kinda Party

Big Green Tractor
She’s Country

Jason Aldean Jason Aldean Jason Aldean

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