KXM is “Scatterbrain” Over Their New Release

KXM is “Scatterbrain” Over Their New Release

Interview by Danny Coleman

“It’s a lot different,” says KXM drummer Ray Luzier when asked about the differences and/or similarities between KXM and his “other” band KoRn. “It’s a lot different style and with all of the experience that the three of us have; well, there’s nothing preconceived. We just all put our ideas together and go from there.”

The “We” to which he is referring are himself, King’s X front man Doug (dUg) Pinnick and George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob). Although the trio are all busy with various projects, they garnered enough interest and success after their 2014 self titled first release that they have just put the finishing touches on a second disc titled, “Scatterbrain” (Rat Pak Records) due out March 17 of this year.

One would figure that with the hectic touring schedules of their respective bands that they’d be somewhat reluctant to add another to the mix but such is not the case as Luzier says that they have wanted to do something for quite a while. “I’ve known these guys for years and years. I met George long ago at a clinic and dUg, well I’m a huge King’s X fan and I used to hang out at their shows and that’s how I met him. Years later I was at a birthday party in the “Land of Flakes” and all of these people started showing up and they were there and we discussed playing together. George said that part of my job was to, “Put the band together,” so I did (laughs).”


Shying away from being labeled as a unit, Luzier says that their sound and style are very much improvisational. “Yeah, so they say we are like a power trio,” he stated somewhat reluctantly. “dUg plays different rhythms and melodies and George does the same, often at the same time so that they are opposed to each other. This gives us a unique sound, well at least I think it’s unique. We don’t do things the conventional way like most other bands. We just show up at the studio and jam and whatever comes out of that develops into something that becomes an album. We never have any notion of what’s going to come from it and we love doing it this way; we create on the spot and it seems to just flow out.”

Kind of like their innovative, organized chaos, KXM has aptly named the forthcoming disc to match today’s environment. “I don’t know, it’s pretty much the way the world is now. I was watching media, social, news media and I wrote the riff. The album sound is also just kind of all over the place, every song is different. It’s very diverse much like the world climate today.”

Much like their first effort, the band has discussed touring but really has no concrete plans to do so. Luzier says that the blame can be placed on his shoulders due to his commitment to KoRn. “Yeah, it’s kind of my fault. KoRn just go starting in January and keep going until around December 20 every year; it’s rare we take much time off. I feel really bad about it to the point where I even recommended that they get another drummer and go out on the road. So far they’ve resisted and we’ve discussed it but we have nothing concrete.”

Along those lines, Luzier has taken to performing on Pearl Drums while using Vic Firth sticks and it is no accident that this combination came about. “I signed on with Pearl in 2009. A lot of people that I looked up to as a kid, like Peter Chris of Kiss and others were playing Pearl. I do quite a few drum clinics and at these clinics I play various sets so in a way I’ve been able to audition these kits for years and I just like the sound that I get from Pearl; I was really happy to get the endorsement.”

KXM will release “Scatterbrain,” next month to much anticipation and an excited fan base and is available for pre-order right now on the band web page at www.ratpakrecords.com/kxm. To discover more about KXM you can also find them at https://www.facebook.com/KXMofficial/.

Danny Coleman (Danny Coleman is a veteran musician and writer from central New Jersey. He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Rock On Radio” airing Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. EST on multiple internet radio outlets where he features indie/original bands and solo artists.)