Glam Skanks Hit the Road With Adam Ant

Glam Skanks Hit the Road With Adam Ant

Interview by Danny Coleman

“We had a gig booked and we had no name,” recalls Glam Skanks guitarist known simply as, “Veronica” as she discussed the band name and their current tour as the opening act for Adam Ant. “We were all sitting around one night trying to come up with a name and my one friend out of nowhere says, “I could go for some lamb shanks” and then we started playing off of that. We started writing down all that came to mind and then Glam Skanks came out and we were like; yeah.” 

Forged on the west coast in the Los Angeles area, the ladies are currently out on the road and hoping to parlay the success of their August 2016 release “Glitter City” into bigger and better things. The 10 track disc according to Veronica, is a group collaborative. “We write a lot together and since we are all into different things we have a very diverse product.” 

One of those bigger things came just prior to the album’s release when the ladies placed three tunes in the Kevin Smith movie, “Yoga Hosers” starring Johnny Depp“The Hockey Song,”” Miss Androgynous” and “This Dead Man,”  all were included on the soundtrack and they got to perform at Smith’s birthday/movie premier party in Red Bank, NJ at the historic Count Basie Theatre. “My dad,” explained Veronica, “My dad was doing some recording and Kevin was there, so we started discussing the possibility of our music in the film and he was all for it and it just kind of happened; right place at the right time I guess (laughs).” 

Another one of those bigger things is their current tour with Adam Ant; 17 shows crisscrossing the country and into the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, BC. “So far this tour has been amazing,” they said collectively and with great enthusiasm. “Touring with him and his crew has been such a welcoming experience. So far they have been very good to us; we couldn’t ask for better.” 

When questioned as to the rigors of the road, they once again let out a collective, “Oooooh” and laughed as they tried to recall the best and/or worst moments of the current tour. “We haven’t had any bad moments,” said bassist, “Millie.” “The best,” says Veronica, “Is getting this tour and when we opened for the Vampires; that was really a highlight too.” 

It should be noted that vocalist, “Ali Cat” sat out the discussion as she was saving her voice for the gig that evening, however the drummer “Cassie” has an interesting take on the future of the band and their plans. “World domination,” she said with definite affirmation. “That’s our goal and; why not? We want to make that happen.” As Cassie laughed, Veronica reaffirmed the sentiment but adds, “Hopefully we will be able to continue touring. We have plans for a second CD; we’ve got a few of the tunes written already. “

The ladies command a stage with the grit of Joan Jett and the style of angry catholic school girls, yet their music has pop, rock and punk elements that blend so well, one can’t help but get into their shows. The three collectively agree that they love performing but warn all to be prepared when coming to a show, “I hope you all like rock and glitter,” they said with a laugh. “It’s all rock and glitter and a lot of fun.” 

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Danny Coleman (Danny Coleman is a veteran musician and writer from central New Jersey. He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Rock On Radio” airing Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. EST on multiple internet radio outlets where he features indie/original bands and solo artists.)