Photos: Third Eye Blind performs at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas

Third Eye Blind

March 21, 2016 | Liberty Hall – Lawrence, Kansas

Photos by Asinthia Marshall

At Liberty Hall in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas local students were able to see what Third Eye Blind has offered all these years.  Some of the fans weren’t even born when the band hit it big back in the late 90’s. But, the songs off their new album, Dopamine were accepted by the crowd, as much as the older ones.  The place was packed with an array of ages that were there to enjoy a night of good music.  Smiling faces in the audience,  and on stage were seen all around and they stayed to the end for an encore selection of a few of their most popular songs. They would be welcomed back generously anytime to the land of Oz.

Third Eye Blind (2)

Third Eye Blind (5)

Third Eye Blind (7)


Everything Is Easy
Back to Zero
Never Let You Go
Can You Take Me
Rites of Passage (with “With or Without You” snippet)
New Song
Motorcycle Drive By
Slow Motion
Another Life
All These Things
Mine (Beyoncé cover)
Losing a Whole Year
How’s It Going to Be
Drum Solo / Paper Planes (MIA. cover)
Young Americans (David Bowie cover)
Heroes (David Bowie cover)
Modern Love (David Bowie cover)


Something in You
Semi-Charmed Life
Bonfire Chant

Third Eye Blind (8)

Third Eye Blind (1)

Third Eye Blind 9 (3)

Third Eye Blind 9 (4)

Third Eye Blind 9 (6)

Third Eye Blind 9 (7)

Third Eye Blind 9 (1)

Third Eye Blind 9 (2)

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