Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy


Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy are the duo featured as our Artists of the Month. The two have just released their fourth album Inside We Are the Same and it is heralding great reviews.

Kilbey and Kennedy are two very distinct personalities. Kilbey, born in the UK spent his formidable years in Australia. He founded The Church in 1980 and have to date released 21 full length albums. In 1988 they received international success with the release of their song “Under the Milky Way”, which quickly shot to the top of the charts in the US. The Church are currently touring behind their latest masterpiece, Further/Deeper. Kilbey has also produced 14 solo albums, one EP, as well as many collaborations including one of the most prolific with Martin Kennedy.
Martin Kennedy is the founder of the Australian electronic band, All India Radio. Releasing 9 albums with All Indian Radio, Kennedy joined forces with Kilbey in 2009 to create their first album, Unseen Music, Unheard Words. Most thought it would be the only one, but Inside We are the Same is now their fourth collaboration, and most are saying their best. A multi-instrumentalist, Martin Kennedy played all instruments and wrote all the music while Kilbey blankets his alluring lyrics around each song.

Their sound has been compared by others to The Cure, David Gilmore and David Bowie, but I must have a different ear. When I listen to them I’m brought back in some ways to Brian Ferry’s Roxy Music Days, Echo and the Bunnymen or maybe even a crooning Beck in Morning Phase. Their ambient pop music has pure vocals and a sound that has you drifting in a peaceful transient bliss. My favorite song off the album is “This Is the Universe”, probably because it has a children’s choir that just towers at the end. The song “This Merciful Blur” is probably where I am reminded of Beck as the sound is hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics, for anyone who has ever lost love, will pierce through your heart.

“The sun in the room
Illuminates the spoons and plates
In the summer afternoon
The time slipped away
Providing sliding focus
A locus in today
And I wanna know where you’re going
And I wanna know where you will stay
The fields and the trees
They say listen man
Now she can do as she please…”

If you are a fan of The Church you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking to experience something new, something magical that you will listen to again and again, check out Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy, we are pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Katrina Hayday