Interview with Diana Espir

The music industry today is full of new and exciting talent emerging all the time. An intriguing newcomer is Diana Espir

Diana Espir

Concert Blogger: I’m beyond thrilled to get the chance to talk with you today. You are a real “Tour d’force”. You are a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, is there anything that you can’t do?

Diana Espir: I can’t cook! I not very good at cooking at all, but maybe one day.

CB: Let’s talk a little bit about your background. You grew up in Switzerland, with an English father and a Spanish-Italian mother. You’ve lived in Paris and London, and now you are taking New York by storm. Do you speak multiple languages?

Diana Espir:I actually only speak English and French fluently. I know a little Spanish, but I’m not fluent. I’ve been living in England recently, so nothing too exotic.

CB: When you were growing up, how did music become a passion of yours? Was there a lot of music in your home? What sparked that basic interest in becoming a singer and performer?

Diana Espir: Actually, there was no music in my family, or my background, but it’s always been there in me. When I was two years old, I went with my sister to her piano lesson to watch, and the teacher noticed my enthusiasm to play. She decided to try and teach me.

CB: Did that work?

Diana Espir:Well, a bit. I played as much as a two year old could remember, but I practiced all the time. I loved it. It was my passion.

CB: You’ve studied in London and Paris, what did that entail, what did you study?

Diana Espir:Well, I studied musical theater, acting, dance, and singing. A bit of everything really. I’ve also actually worked in the industry and not just studied. When I was in Paris I did voice overs and I co-produced a cabaret show. It was a contemporary cabaret with a twist. I’m supposed to be in a play in Paris in April, but I don’t know if that will happen now that I’m in New York.

CB: One thing that people might know you from is that you were a contestant on the French version of the television show “The Voice”

Diana Espir:Oh yea! I forgot to mention that!

CB: I noticed that the first song that you chose to do on the show was the theme from the movie “Flashdance”, what made you choose that song? It’s such an American song and pop culture reference point. What made you choose that song for your television debut?

Diana Espir:I just think it’s a great song because it’s an audition song in the film. The main character in the film dances to it in her audition, and I was very nervous about performing on tv for the first time. It was a blind audition and I had nodules on my vocal chords. I just thought it would be appropriate for that day.

CB: Your latest project has you releasing a song titled “Tomboy” featuring Nelly. Can you tell me about that and how it came together?

Diana Espir: Basically, I performed a few times with another “Voice” contestant and his manager knew a producer in New York who had worked with Nelly. I started working with that producer and he made the partnership happen. When I heard Nelly’s vocals on the song, I had never worked with him before. He had heard the song and decided to record a spot on it. I actually met him for the first time at the video shoot!

CB: If you could collaborate with anyone in music today, is there anyone specifically that you would be especially keen to work with?

Diana Espir:There are so many people that I’d love to work with that I wouldn’t be able to pick just one, but I just hope that one day they would want to work with me. You can’t just pick and choose all these major artists to work with, so I’d love it for them to want to work with me.

CB: It really ends up being that you have to be prepared and ready for when opportunity arises, because opportunities always arise.

Diana Espir:I hope so, and I definitely try my best to be prepared.

CB: The music industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, towards the single release format rather than putting out a full LP or even an EP. What is your take on that, as that’s what you are doing at the moment, releasing one song at a time. Are there plans for an EP or an LP in your future?

Diana Espir:What I’m doing now is exactly what you said. I’m focusing on one song individually, working on that one song, and working with my team to make it the best song that it can be. I quite like this format because I just feel like sometimes it’s a bit of a shame when you have a whole album and some of the music is just there to be an album filler.

CB: Exactly, you can have one of two great songs at the beginning, that really pop, and catch your attention, then the rest kind of go with the same theme, but they aren’t strong songs.

Diana Espir:When I sing something, I like to make sure that it’s amazing. That the melody is good, the production is good, the video is good. So I’m happy to focus on each song more thoroughly and individually and I like that. Also, instead of making a concept around an album, it’s like each song is its own concept. I think it’s quite nice and I like working that way.

CB: So, what are your plans for 2015 and what does the new year have in store for you?

Diana Espir:Well, I spent the holidays at home with my family.

CB: Where is “Home” for such a world traveler as yourself?

Diana Espir:At the moment, because I’m a bit everywhere, “Home” is where my family is, and right now that is Switzerland.

I’m back now, promoting “Tomboy” and I can’t wait to get back on stage. That is my true love. Hopefully I’ll be releasing a second single that I’ve been working on and we’ll go from there.

CB: I have one final question that I always ask my interviewees. What is something about yourself that your average fan might not know?

Diana Espir:Well, I can seem quite confident on stage, and I love performing, but I’m very very scared of flying. Its quite terrifying actually.

CB: Oh No, that’s horrible. Do you have any rituals or anything that you do that helps you out?

Diana Espir:Maybe I should try that because I don’t have a ritual and I’m so scared every time I fly. I’ve been trying to download a lot of episodes and movies to my iPad, but as soon as I get scared, I can’t watch them anymore. So it hasn’t really helped.

CB: Well keep working on it, and I will hope it gets better for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your outrageously busy schedule to talk to us. It’s been our pleasure and we really look forward to what the new year has in store from you!

Diana Espir: Thank you so much for having me.

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