Album Review: Buffalo Sunn Debuts With By The Ocean, By The Sea

buffalo sunn

Review by Kathy McConnell

We wrote about Buffalo Sunn this summer after they released the first track off of their forthcoming debut full-length album. That track, “By Your Side,” with its clear influences of the 60s and 90s and west coast feel left us curious for more. We wanted to know what the band is all about and what their sound is. Their album By The Ocean, By The Sea is due out later this month and we were able to get a copy to help us answer those lingering questions.

To give you some background, Buffalo Sunn is an Irish indie-rock band, formerly known as Sweet Janeup until about a year ago. As Sweet Jane, the band released the 2010 album Sugar for my Soul, which received positive feedback. Based in Dublin, the six-piece band is made up of four biological brothers (Paxton) and two honorary brothers. Still with the same record label, Reekus Records, they’ve transformed into Buffalo Sunn, under which they’ve been staying frequent on festival and other live stages, and, of course, recording.

By The Ocean, By The Sea opens with “I Wanna Be in Love” and follows with the album’s first single “By Your Side.” Collectively these songs serve as a great intro to the album and the band. Daniel Paxton’s vocals are controlled and clear, but echo against the heavy reverb of guitar, creating an almost dreamlike lightness to them – a signature of the band’s sound.

The album showcases the Buffalo Sunn’s take on songs of varying tempos. “On The Right Side” and “Witches” kick things up a notch into true rock form. “Let It Go” slows down the pace for an emotional ballad, though marking the low point of the album. Buffalo Sunn’s sweet spot lies in its mid-tempo tracks, such as “Gimme Truth,” “Told You So” and “Seven Seas.”

Another A+ goes out to the band for its songwriting. That nod goes to the skills of Daniel Paxton who is the band’s lead vocalist, guitarist and the lyricist behind all of the songs on By The Ocean, By The Sea.

By The Ocean, By The Sea is produced by Pat McCarthy, who has previously worked with U2 and R.E.M., amongst others. It will be available October 10th in Ireland.

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