Saturday , 6 February 2016

Gotye Takes Philly By Storm!

This past weekend, the incomparable Gotye performed in Philly at the Tower Theater (after originally being set to perform at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ). The night started off with quality sets by Jonti and Missy Higgins. The two supporting acts were amazing additions to this musical experience. Shortly after Missy and her band exited the stage, the lights dimmed and the crowd prepared for the headliner they’d all been waiting for. The intense intro and lighting was complimentary to the high level of energy being emitted by the talented musicians that had taken the stage.

The first song of the night was “The Only Way,” in which Gotye began playing on the drums—something completely unheard of to most spectators. The typical lead vocalist’s accompaniment is typically a guitar of some sort, but this observation was a very pleasant and refreshing surprise to a music lover such as myself.

Anyway, as the next songs began to play, the intricate backdrop(s) became more and more apparent. Accompanying every track, there was a new animated scene playing out that had significance to the pieces in question. This was another thing that displayed so much intricacy on Gotye’s part and provided true performance art, which was very appealing to those in attendance.

As the night progressed, it was quite easy to understand how the headliner has gained his vast fan base and following. Gotye was able to interact with the crowd, yet maintained the capability of getting lost in the music. He and his band were very invested in their performance and put their all into each and every song’s performance. There was a truly uncanny sense of musicianship present that night. Between all of the exotic instruments, and everything in between, it was so hard to focus on one aspect of what was being presented. It was trippy in every sense of the word, and the crowd ate it up.

Before performing, “Dig Your Own Hole,” the audience was asked to participate in singing and clapping to the beat. Once again, the animation in accompaniment was jaw dropping. It happened to have characters that sang and spoke in sync with the lyrics being amplified throughout the theater.

At one point, when asking the crowd what areas they had traveled from in order to attend the show, Gotye supplied a hilarious pun by saying, “I hope nobody’s in Camden saying, ‘What the (expletive)?!’” He was obviously very thankful that there was still a hefty turnout, despite the sudden change in venue.

When playing, “The Only Thing I Know,” the aura changed a bit, with Gotye switching to a full drum kit, along with no backdrop image(s) this time; it was simply and purely about the music. Once again, you’d think that everybody would get so lost in the music that they’d be unable to interact, yet they managed to just that so impeccably well. There was nothing but the sound and changes in the colors of streaming light. Simple, yet effective.

As they began to play, “Giving Me A Chance,” the crowd that was once standing was now seated and witnessing the raw emotion that was intended, and most definitely received. They followed up with the song, “Bronte,” which had an evidently deep underlying meaning or symbolism behind it that was made clearer by way of the animation playing in the background. After these tunes, the popular first notes of, “Somebody That I Used To Know,” began to play and, from start to finish, it was flawless. Between Gotye’s brilliant vocals and Missy Higgins’ electrifying feature, it was perfect. Perhaps even better than the radio version? I believe so. The musicians performed a few more selections, as well as an encore, before bringing the night to a close. Many thank-yous and exclamations of gratitude were expressed from beginning to end, which showed us just how humbled all who performed really were.

In conclusion, if you are given the chance at any point in time, be sure to take the opportunity to see Gotye live for yourself. I promise, you will not be disappointed in the slightest!

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